Classical Music Rocks: Zander Explains Why

I’m coming out of the rock and pop closet and declaring my love for classical music. Benjamin Zander, a conductor gave this talk on how classical music speaks to all of us at the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference. He’s managed to explain how classical music is magic in a way that I’ve never heard before. This talk is as much about leadership and our shared humanity as it is about music–very much worth watching and listening too–as are the other TED talks. They are indeed “ideas worth spreading.”

One thought on “Classical Music Rocks: Zander Explains Why

  1. Ryan

    This was a good presentation. I secretly love music with a classical feel to them as well (just look at my ipod, so I found this to be a very brilliant way of explaining it to others.
    Because of this I’m planning to start listening to more of these TED talks to see what else I can find.


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