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Spreading Lies: McCain Campaign

I can’t say that that I’m surprised that the McCain campaign has resorted to lies and distortion to scare and deceive American voters–this is the Republican party that launched a smear campaign against McCain himself back in 2000 when it looked like he might defeat Governor Bush.  The deceptive tactics that McCain has employed–chronicled and debunked in this video, show just how low he’s willing to stoop.  These ads all from the “straight talk” express.  Doublespeak, is more like it.  
America deserves better–needs better leaders than what we’re getting from McCain and his doublespeak campaign.
Credits: Video is from: Brave New Films
Larry Lessig inspired me to get the word out.

So Now What?

The lead headline on The New York Times website today: “Bush and Republicans Celebrate Victory; Mandate Is Seen for the Next Four Years.” Read further, and it only gets worse. Todd Purdum’s analysis? “It is impossible to read President Bush’s re-election as anything other than a confirmation that this is a center-right county.” Get me to a vomitorium, pronto!

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