Monthly Archives: June 2005

How Good Is Your Backup?

DrescueImagine you wake up one day and all of your data is gone.  The last 5 years of digital pictures, the spreadsheet your worked on yesterday, and the diary you’ve been keeping for the last 10 years.  Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?  But surely, you backup your data, don’t you?
The problem with my backup plan was that I didn’t realize how effective the plan was until it was too late.  On Saturday, I woke up, went to check the news and my trusty old blue and white G3 crashed.  I restarted.  Instead of the normal startup screens, I got a question mark.  I’m enough of a geek to know how to bring a Mac back to life if it misplaces its system folder, but this time, my bag of tricks did nothing.  I determined that the hard drive failed.  So how was my backup strategy?

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