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Bike Snob Visits Consumer Reports

It’s not every day that a world renown bike blogger shows up at the office, but this week, Eben Weiss, a/k/a Bike Snob, visited Consumer Reports where I am lucky enough to work.

I’ve been following Eben’s blog for years to gain insight on any manner of things, to learn new words about bad habits I have like salmoning and shoaling, and gawk at the bikes people send him to test, like this wood frame Renovo, or a 100 year old steel steed. More and more, Eben’s been an impassioned and thoughtful advocate for all of us who tend to travel on bikes, our feet or just about anything but a car.

Alex and Eben in CR's TV Lab.

Alex and Eben in CR’s TV Lab.

Alex and Eben examine the helmet testing machine.

Just how does Consumer Reports test bike helmets? Bike Snob finds out.

Eben Weiss in CR's Anechoic chamber. Where we test all kinds of speakers.

Eben in CR’s Anechoic chamber. Where we test all kinds of speakers.

If you ever ride on two wheels, or traverse your town in anything other than a car, you would do well to read Bike Snob.