Monthly Archives: August 2004

I want my MP3s!

A Macintouch. reader wrote in asking how they might synch MP3 libraries–in non geek speak–have your MP3s on your home computer and want to listen to them at work. Rather than try and synch them, here’s a way to access them from home.

“…[U]se a product like Edna, in its own words, "edna allows you to access your MP3 collection from any networked computer. This software streams your MP3s via HTTP to any MP3 player that supports playing off a remote connection.”

Edna serves up Playlists that can be managed in iTunes. Sadly, Edna can’t stream protected .AAC files. Andromeda ($35) streaming jukebox software works in a similar fashion, and does handle .AAC files.

Overall, Edna provides a handy way to access most of my music collection on my home Mac when I’m elsewhere.”

Basketball: Lithuania Beats the American Olympic Team

22hoops.1841Athens, August 21.  The Lithuanian basketball team
beat the US, 94 to 90.
I am not a huge basketball fan, but as a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Lithuania, 95-97) the result made me smile.  Basketball is a sacred sport in Lithuania.  Vaidas Paulauskas, a student, usually quiet during classes that stressed English conversation, always chatted me up after school about the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan.  He’d go onto remind me that Lithuania’s best, then Marciulionis and Sabonis, played in the US. Lithuania is a small nation of 4 million, but its presence looms large in basketball circles.

For most of the 20th century Lithuania was caught up in global power plays–falling under Russian, German, and then Soviet domination.   (The Soviets were kind enough to co-opt the best Lithuanian basketball players for their Olympic team before Lithuania broke free in 1991.)  Nevertheless, it’s not often that a small country goes up against the legendary American dream team and wins.  Yesterday, in beating the US, Lithuania showed that passion, practice and persistence can take down a giant.

As an American, I’m a little embarrassed that we’re getting trounced in a sport that we invented and where athletes command multi-million dollar salaries.   As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I am overjoyed for my adopted country.  In America, we expect to dominate.  This reversal, an object lesson in hubris, is refreshing–if fleeting.   My guess is the Americans will be more focused in the finals, but I’ll still be rooting for Lithuania. 

IEM: Kerry Leads Bush

5:30 AM, EDT, New York – The Iowa Electronic Markets–where folks get to buy and sell shares of political candidates to predict election outcomes–put Kerry (49%) over Bush (48%). (Current price quote) The IEM typically outperforms normal polls at making predictions. I check the IEM every morning, and though Bush and Kerry have been running neck and neck, this is the first time I’ve seen Kerry edge out Bush. A trend? Too early to tell. For more on the IEM see, this article in Wired