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Targeted Website Searches with Firefox

By now, everyone knows that Mozilla’s Firefox is eating away at Internet Explorer’s market share.  It’s no wonder, innovation of Internet Explorer creeps along with releases of the Windows operating system.  In true open source spirit, Firefox allows for anyone with a little know-how to contribute and improve the product.  Case in point is the Mozilla mycroft project, home to browser search plug-ins, which "allow you to access a search engine right from your browser without having to go to the search engine’s page first." It’s pretty handy–I use it to search Amazon, track Fedex packages, look up entries in the  Wikipedia, etc.  Quite often, I need to google something at Columbia University, so today I wrote a Firefox plug-in that will google those pages.  I’ve submitted the plug-in to the folks at the mycroft project, but in the meantime, you can download the zip file.  To install on the Mac, you’ll need to drop it in: /Applications/  On the PC, drop the files in:  C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\  Happy searching. (Thanks to Alan Bramley, who originally developed this plug-in for the University of Virginia.  I modified his work for the Columbia University plug-in.)


U2 on Broadway

Picture10 Unos, dos, tres, catorce [1,2,3,14]

Turn it up loud, captain! – from Vertigo, u2’s new album.

I’m at my desk like any other day, and I hear a band outside. It’s not uncommon–bands play on the quad at Columbia all the time. I thought I recognized the beat–but I didn’t know the song. Then I looked outside. I put the beat with the image–“that’s U2!!!!” I sprinted down the stairs and into the street. It looks like they’re filming a new video for their how to dismantle an atomic bomb. They’re on a tractor trailer driving down Broadway. I ran with the band (and throngs of other fans, happy-struck by their good fortune) from 116th St. to 110th. See the Photo Album for pictures.

Choose Your News

Unhappy with the  mainstream media these days?  Having trouble with the fact that the paper of record helped drive the country to war with misleading stories on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?  Disappointed in their coverage of the "issues" in the recent US presidential election?  Choose a different source for your news.  Or, should I say, let let Google choose your news for you.

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So Now What?

The lead headline on The New York Times website today: “Bush and Republicans Celebrate Victory; Mandate Is Seen for the Next Four Years.” Read further, and it only gets worse. Todd Purdum’s analysis? “It is impossible to read President Bush’s re-election as anything other than a confirmation that this is a center-right county.” Get me to a vomitorium, pronto!

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