Monthly Archives: August 2009

Yes to Universal Health Care

This morning I took a few minutes out to email my elected representatives to let them know that I support universal health care.  Perhaps you'd like to do the same?  Here's my note.  I used the email wizard, which took all of 5 minutes on US Capitol by bobistraveling, on Flickr, some rights reserved.

Dear Elected Representatives:

As I read news reports of the  debate on health care coverage, I
feel the voices of ordinary citizens are being drowned out.  I want you
all to know that I support universal health care coverage–including an
option where the US Government provides a plan.  The costs of not having
health care to our people and our economy are too great.  We deserve a
better system than the one we have and better care.  Please work with the President and
get health care reform passed in 2009.


Ted Bongiovanni