Monthly Archives: July 2004

Suffering Through the Mossman Triathlon


July 12, Brooklyn, NY — Yesterday I competed in my second, and arguably most difficult triathlon—the Mossman–it wasn’t necessarily the course, which was fast, but rather my mental and physical state. I simply did not feel ready for the race, but didn’t want to bow out and not compete. In spite of not feeling well I eeked out times comparable with my performance in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. I didn’t get much faster–though it’s hard to benchmark different events. However, if you were to place one event against the other, and double for distance, I did this one a little faster–the good news is that I rode 20.02 MPH on the bike–a stated goal, compared to 19.15 MPH last time–that’s almost a 1 mph gain. Also, the runs, let’s compare–there were some speed gains. At St. Anthony’s I ran 8 minute, 30 second miles. At Mossman, I did 7 minute, 51 second miles. Now, the swims, let’s see. 40:34 per hour @ St. Anthony’s compared to 39:38 @ Mossman–so that’s almost a minute faster. Transition times, were also faster at Mossman–T1 @ St. Anthony’s was 5:28, @ Mossman 3:46. Transition 2 @ St. Anthony’s was 2:11, @ Mossman, 1:45, so I got faster at those–so overall, if the two were equal, Mossman was a faster race–of course I didn’t have to go as long. What I probably should start doing is recording my splits–I wonder what would have happened if I had to go twice as long yesterday?

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