I want my MP3s!

A Macintouch. reader wrote in asking how they might synch MP3 libraries–in non geek speak–have your MP3s on your home computer and want to listen to them at work. Rather than try and synch them, here’s a way to access them from home.

“…[U]se a product like Edna, in its own words, "edna allows you to access your MP3 collection from any networked computer. This software streams your MP3s via HTTP to any MP3 player that supports playing off a remote connection.”

Edna serves up Playlists that can be managed in iTunes. Sadly, Edna can’t stream protected .AAC files. Andromeda ($35) streaming jukebox software works in a similar fashion, and does handle .AAC files.

Overall, Edna provides a handy way to access most of my music collection on my home Mac when I’m elsewhere.”

One thought on “I want my MP3s!

  1. James Inskeep

    So, long time no see Ted! I got your website from Sarah/Scott. I have a motive. Do you still have a contacts list for CYFers? I took on a task to try and get a database going of new folks but wanted to haul in the older folks too. Believe it or not, there are some young friends that are gung ho about getting CYF kick started again. I’m really inspired by their efforts and enthusiasm.
    So I am a microsoft man. Unix too but plan to work this one in MS world. Can you send me what you have? If it is not in some form of MS format, would you send is text comma delimited? I have Excel and better Access experience, but never dealt with a mailing list. I hope I can figure something out.
    Hope you’re doing swell. Are you living in NY? I’ve been in California for nearly 2.5 years on a business trip. In San Jose. I love it here so much. Maybe I’ll be back east next year. But wouldn’t mind living here indefinitely. Everything’s great here except the traffic and cost of living. But since I’ve been here, the living is free since it’s a business trip!
    Take care,


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