U2 on Broadway

Picture10 Unos, dos, tres, catorce [1,2,3,14]

Turn it up loud, captain! – from Vertigo, u2’s new album.

I’m at my desk like any other day, and I hear a band outside. It’s not uncommon–bands play on the quad at Columbia all the time. I thought I recognized the beat–but I didn’t know the song. Then I looked outside. I put the beat with the image–“that’s U2!!!!” I sprinted down the stairs and into the street. It looks like they’re filming a new video for their how to dismantle an atomic bomb. They’re on a tractor trailer driving down Broadway. I ran with the band (and throngs of other fans, happy-struck by their good fortune) from 116th St. to 110th. See the Photo Album for pictures.

One thought on “U2 on Broadway

  1. Clem

    Great moment and pictures, Ted. I just caught part of the local news where a reporter, a self-described “happy Irish girl,” was just beaming as she covered U2’s free concert in DUMBO earlier tonight. After the concert she managed to corner a sweaty and tired but exhilarated Bono, who was almost at a loss for words in describing the experience of playing for adoring fans under the Brooklyn Bridge. He said that New York’s been very good to U2, and in return they wanted to sing “a love song to New York.” He also said that this was “cheap promotion.” God, I love this band.


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