Training with Paula Radcliffe

This morning when I finished my run, Paula told me "Congratulations, you’ve just set a new personal record for the mile."   No, I’m not in England training with world class marathon runners, but I did recently get a nike+iPod sport kit.  (No, you don’t have to buy the special Nike shoes–if you were wondering–I did the pouch from Marware)  Anyway, one of the many easter eggs is that when you set a new record for the mile, Paula congratulates you.  I had no idea that this feature existed.  I’m secretly hoping that Dean Karnanzes is going to be talking to me some day. Congratulations.  You’ve logged 100 miles in 7 days, and set a new personal record for covering that many miles.  I salute the Nike+iPod design team.  This has been a very fun $30 purchase.  (And it automatically keeps track of how far I’ve gone, how fast and even where.)

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